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Tell Us How You’d Like to Celebrate Being South Sound Proud

April 26, 2019

The snow is finally gone and we’re preparing for warmer days to get outside and Live Like the Mountain’s Out. In past years, we’ve celebrated this campaign and the spring weather with a number of different community efforts including:

  • Deployed a street team to attend local festivals and events to snap selfies, hand out swag, and meet our neighbors.
  • Popped our slogan up on murals and banners from walls to rooftops and stencilled in chalk on sidewalks throughout the county.
  • Showed our pride in coffee shops on cup sleeves and in bars on coasters.
  • Supported artists to craft paper fortune tellers and clay medallions, coordinated scavenger hunts, decorated a tree with bubble wands, and more.

Where else do you want to see the campaign?

Are there artists you’d like to get engaged in showing how they are South Sound Proud or Living Like the Mountain’s Out? Tell us your ideas about how we should celebrate the ways our community shows they are South Sound Proud and support efforts to Live Like the Mountain’s Out!

South Sound Together is a partnership of local businesses, educational institutions and organizations whose goal is to showcase South Sound as a great place to live, work and play.